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1.3 million

the magic number that’s rattling my head at the moment happens to be 1.3 million.

after god knows how many years of officially being under the radar, a quick scan of the stats for ireallylovemusic reveals that the site is currently being subjected to over 1 million hits a year.

now, normally i wouldn’t give two hoots to all that side of wired life, but knowing there are people subbing to the various rss feeds means that when i have nothing to say, and nothing to report (hello 30th april 2009), then my stress levels could begin to become a source of concern.

apologies, but work/family/boring grown up stuff is currently killing my head space, thankfully to soundtrack such times, i have found aural escapism in both of the aliens albums, and their previous releases as the beta band.

still, 1.3 million hits per annum ?

guess i’d better get my lazy ass into gear.

surely it’s time for some news re flykkilller?