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tiga – shoes

man : what’s that sound? i like that sound. i love that sound.

woman : it’s the sound of my shoes

and so it goes on with cold disconnected robotic sexual tension that used to be the order of the day when electroclash was getting all the magazine covers.

shoes is a dancefloor focused electro paean to feet lovers, with monotonic verbal saucy too’ing and fro’ing between tiga and some uncredited fem vox’r (there are rumours that have yet to be confirmed that the vocals are by .. well, you’ll just have to wait and see), while the synths do their juddering stuttering best.

the remixes by mr oizo and house legend green velvet are interesting but rarely move beyond the functional, though green velvet adding some welcome chunky funk acid bass thump to the mix does shift the track into a warmer spot.

shoes is the first single off the mans new album, caio. that’s due out in may

video : tiga – shoes

more detail : here