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out with the new. in with the old.

tis time to reveal the truth. for the last few weeks i have willingly succumbed to the world of shiny electro infused pop music. the list of current faves may be somewhat different to what you may expect from ireallylovemusic, but, no longer can i hide the fact that the following albums are totally wonderful and thrill me far too much.
rachel stevens – come and get it. new and very good. involves richard x and xenomania on production. far too good/experimental to be left in the sales bins. this review is spot on.
holly valance – footprints/state of mind. a little bit of this and a lot of that. electroclash styles mixed with indie friendly attitude.
girls aloud – sounds of the underground/what will the  neighbours say. i mean, the best pop band in the world at this time right now? but of course, more of that xenomania perfection.
kylie – her recordings post PWL productions are littered with too many classics to be listed.
but, as is the way, the constant supply of glitterball anthems becomes weary, so,to counteract such happiness, one has to delve into the archive and rejoice in the sombre sounds of matt ‘the the’ johnson, rediscovering the gritty and dark ‘nakedself’ has been a soul enhancing experience, but a small corner of my head just wants more of that electro-glam groove.
resist. must resist.
message ends.
mark e