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hall and oates – i can’t go for that (fromage yacht rock edit)

i thought the whole ‘yacht rock’ thing that exploded in the press last year was a new take on the guilty pleasures groove, and basically a joke.

however, it seems that some people are seriously converting cheese filled pop from the archives into a more enjoyable form for your nu-disco loving hours.

so, in the spirit of spreading the love, ireallylovemusic has recently been contacted by a melbourne based collective that goes under the nom de plume,fromage disco, who seem to very much be on the upward curve.

from the details i have, they seem to be getting love from all corners of the booty shaking world, and have even sorted out a few of those edits that people like at the moment.

so far, my favourite of the stuff i have heard is this hall and oates ‘classic’, i can’t go for that.

well i say classic, i hated it at the time.

the song was all over the radio, and really got on my nerves, but something about the combination of sunshine rays, and friday morning makes this feel good.


mp3 : hall and oates – i can’t go for that

more detail : here – – mixes