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emil and friends – downed economy ep

todays unexpected madness from the ireallylovemusic inbox


hey guys, just wanted to tip you all off on the hot new project of international film star emile hirsch.

you can check out his myspace at and his full ep is available here.

in case you are not privy to the superstardom that is emile hirsch here’s a brief bio.

as a kid he attended the the hamilton academy of music and the performing arts in los angeles.

now he is often seen singing karaoke alongside lindsay lohan, bo barrett, michelle rodriguez, kellan rhude and nicole richie at beverly hills hot spot "guys".

the man himself, emile hirsch.

ps. considerer yourself honored to have received a personal email from a star of my caliber.


i am quite literally speechless.

oh, and honoured of course.

as for the 6 track ep ?

well, i cant deny it, but speciality sandwiches is an excellent funky electro’d up pop song with a stripped back synthetic plastic beat, space bass, and addictive cut up guitar licks.

easily the best track on offer.

then there are the sweet melodies of short order cooks  with its laid back sunny 80s soul-pop feel, which at one time paul weller and his style council would have been all over, makes for a very pleasant listen on a bitter cold december day. a couple of made to order lo-fi pop songs flesh things out, but thankfully the title track ups the tempo and electro fun(k) again, with emile even declaring as to his thoughts and concerns on the woes of the worlds money problems : ‘and all of this is on me, in this downed economy’, which is very kind of him.

even if this is all a wind up, and i am a little suspicious, this ep certainly makes for a lot more fun to listen to than anything by juliette and the licks.

more detail : here