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grace jones – corporate cannibal

first new album, hurricane, in many years from one of the icons of the 80s.

grace jones nailed many a classic during her own golden years twisting her cover versions into starkly wonderful new forms, often to such a degree that her take on a song would surpass the original, pull up to the bumper, warm leatherette, and of course, the ztt epic, slave to the rhythm.

as i’m sure many realise, i am of the generation that saw her give that nice bloke with crap hair on the tv a right battering, but no-one can deny the fact that the woman is a true star.

so, i was somewhat excited to hear that wall of sound recently stepped up to the plate and provided grace with the means to release her new album on november 3rd.

having listened to my watermarked skinny promo now three times in a row, i know this is an album i am going to be listening to a lot over the coming weeks/months.

full review to be sorted out, so in the meantime, just hit the link and marvel in the cold hearted brilliance of the recent video, corporate cannibal

video : corporate cannibal

more detail : here