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new mp3 : diefenblak – travellin’ the world

rolling on.
my inbox gets jammed with all sorts of stuff, some good, some great, lots not so. but every now and then something a little different pops up with no information. i recently reviewed the new blak twang single ‘travellin’, a nice uk hip hop track combines a lovely laidback hip hop beat with easy going vibes, comes with a nice reggae remix. today however, i receive this : mp3
while the song is obviously a version of the blak twang song, the title indicates that the belgian guitar pop maestros ‘diefenbach’, are either there in the scratched up mix, or have the band been using some spare studio time to explore their desires to fuck around with some dance styled production.
basically, i’m buggered if i get the connection between the two, so anyone out there knows more, please let me know !
in the meantime enjoy this wonderful track.
mark e