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swervedriver : uk show announced.

as i have mentioned from time to time, i don’t really go in much for the current ‘indie landfill’ scene.

me and guitar based bands are not the best of friends in 2008.

however, this was not always the case.

in fact, in the 90s one of my favourite bands happened to be the crusty jewel in alan mcgee’s crown (well until oasis came along and killed that particular party), swervedriver, who were incorrectly lumped in with the so called shoegazing scene.

their combination of heavily layered guitars, sky reaching melodies, and massive hooks always hit me harder than the hyped up creations of the day, and, i still stand by my statement many years ago, that their ejector seat reservation album will, at some point, be recognised as the back to back classic that it is.

so, following on from the shock that the leaders of the eardrum fuzz groove, my bloody valentine damaged a few pa systems recently, comes the news that after a 10 year absence, swervedriver too are to return to the uk to perform a show.

even more exciting is the hint that the band may even be preparing new material.

oh yes.

oh, and one other thing, support comes from six by seven.

the details : london scala – september 16th.

more detail : here