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the metamono manifesto



metamono are a trio of studio boffins who have as individuals done the rounds (bomb the bass, the shamen to name but two).

the art-head collective consists of jono podmore, paul conboy and mark hill.

the video above is a statement of intent re their use of analogue.

of course the real test of all this high end intent, is whether or not the end product is worthy of attention, or whether its just a load of random unlistenable gumph.

only time will tell.

there are videos streaming on the bands website, and while some of the music does sound somewhat primitive, i guess that’s the whole point.

however, i do like the random sequencer throb and off kilter vocals, giving the whole thing a kind of 70s tangerine dream vs early cabaret voltaire vibe.

advise : watch this space ..

more detail : here

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