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skylab – disqo conqrette


[picture courtesy of of strictly kev]

having been tipped off a few weeks ago by strictly kev re the re-emergence of skylab, i tracked a copy down of this mix by matty ducasse (aka skylab), and damn, it’s a good’un.

now, if you scour the ireallylovemusic archives, i think you’ll find quite a few references to skylab. the reason is simple. i loved the deep space atmospherics, the late night moods, the hazy loops. yes, skylab made trip-hop, before trip-hop became a lazy get-out-of-office-work escape route for any bedroom studio boffins who was able to strap a second rate sessioner to some lazy sample loops, but dive beneath the surface and there was a lot of very worthy music (major force west being the other recommendation of course). following the release of the second skylab album, 1999, matty went on a walkabout leaving the world to spin in a different direction for a while.

then a few years back, i happened to chance upon a cd-r by coco electrik, which had a skylab remix tagged on it. and so the game began…

apparently matty had been succumbed into joining the live band incarnation, so had dipped his toes into the studio tweaking with the remix being the outcome. the result was a electro-glam’d up slice of wonder.

then silence fell again. that is, until this mix turned up in the post.

as can be seen from the packaging, the 45 minute mix is a high concept mixtape, with the concept being matty showing the world his love for all things french. whether its french based 60s psych, beat pop, or spaced out atmospherics. highlights are constant, but other than a nancy sintra styled cover version of the whos my generation, i could not provide any further insight other than its a smile inducing listen from start to finish.

i suspect a lot of the material has been given a ‘skylab’ styled makeover (if not including some original skylab material as the sound quality indicates not all of this is sourced from scratchy unloved 7” singles, but state of the art studio shenanigans), with disconnected vocals and overdubs featured throughout giving the whole mix/album a consistent sound that is often missing with such projects.

if this was ever given an official release status (highly unlikely !), then i would without any doubt make it my album of the year. in other words, it is f*cking amazing, and will appeal to anyone who has bought anything by amorphous androgynous.

so, i suspect the question you are asking yourself is, how can i get a copy of this ?


send a ten pound note (and should you feel the desire, any material that relates to ‘the night sky’ for a different forthcoming project) in an envelope to:  

matty skylab c/o the bootstrap company, the print house, 18 ashwin street, london, e8 3dl.

wait a few days, and then let the audio (and visual) excellence flow over you.

more detail : here

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