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death in vegas : trans-love energies




album of the year for ireallylovemusic?

quite possibly.

the mixture of analogue synths, dark night moods, and f*cked up lazy vocals hits all the right spots.

i loved 2004s satans circus for its lack of vocalists and kraftwerk meets tangerine dream electronics, as prior to that album it was all getting a little too ‘look at us and our famous mates’. thankfully, this time around it’s mainly richard vocals alongside some extras from austra singer, katie stelmanis, that are dropped into the mix, with the results being rather special.

over all, this album is an excellent combination of the synth workouts of the previous album mixed up with the more straightforward song based tracks on scorpio rising, the contino sessions, which has to be something to celebrate.

not only that, but the cover art is just wonderful.

easily the best cover art that’s graced a death in vegas album.

oh, and if you dash out to the shops now (online or otherwise), there is a limited edition version that has instrumentals/remixes etc making it all that more essential.

welcome back.

more detail : here

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