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talk is cheap

the more keen eyed amongst you may have spotted than after many many years of this blog being an autocratic dictatorship, i have decided to enable the comments option.

now, way back when ireallylovemusic was a lo-tech html only website, i bolted on a message board to see what would happen. while there was some fun to be had, it quickly became apparent that the good stuff was massively outweighed by the sheer volume of crappy sp@m shyte that took hours of tidying up.

but that was then, and this is now.

so, as of the previous post i will open this area of functionality to see how it goes.

of course, should the sp@m shyte take over, i’ll close it down again (or look into the whole registering options, but as of now, i’ll leave it all open).

so, the question is – are you bothered about this, or, would you rather, ireallylovemusic remained a closed shop ?

oh, and i am also thinking about opening up the blog to other contributors.

would that be something of interest to others out there ?

let battle commence.